Interior design is more than space making and smart décor. Interior design is about unfettered insight and ambition.  We understand that cutting edge must be timeless with the integrity to function for years to come. It’s not just about today but how people will live and work within a space in the future. The essence of any design project is unlocking the authentic design story behind it. By intuitively listening to our client we implement a design plan that is exactly right for the place and people in it.

Insights are only as good as the depth of experience. Intuition derived from experience which allows Styleworks to draw upon our vast knowledge to achieve intelligent and inspired solutions. How to make a space effective, practical, and smart. How to create an environment that is transformative and comfortable for you to live and work in. And, of course, how to achieve a beautiful balance between aesthetic and function.

At Styleworks, our refined insight and time-honored skills makes us who we are. Specialists in interior design. Life is too short to waste time in boring or ineffective spaces.  By using our design acumen and grasp of the big picture we are able to influence our clients business in positive and valuable ways.

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St Paul Collection