Ingersoll Hall

Ingersoll Hall, a 1960s resident hall, has greeted many a freshman through the years! When a major interior facelift was due, the client requested the hall be updated to reflect current campus living. Spaces were to double for daytime learning and studying, and, nighttime socializing.  The lower level of the two-story structure was rarely used due to its basement feel. The main level felt dark and compartmentalized.

Community became the guiding design principle. A large opening sliced between the floors achieves spatial and visual connectivity. A new staircase and sky lights bring an airy openness. By using twin-wall acrylic panels in lieu of drywall, the design team was able to further play up the notion of openness while keeping cost down.

These days, emojis fly freely from hammocks to homework zones, allowing freshman students to roam, learn, and, most importantly, to connect.

Ingersoll - section cut.jpg
07  CSU Ingersoll.jpg